Grafik’s GSA Schedule

GS - 23F - 0229N

Grafik offers a full complement of advertising and integrated marketing services that are available through the GSA Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions Schedule.

SIN 541-4—Advertising Services: Advertising objective determination, message decision/creation, media development and selection advertising evaluation, activities related to advertising services.
SIN 541-5—Integrated Marketing Services: Comprehensive solutions for implementing a seamless marketing campaign
SIN 541-1000—Other Direct Costs (ODCs): Services and products other than labor hours that are necessary to complete project
SIN 541-3—Web Based Marketing Services: Website design, interactive marketing, and other activities related to electronic marketing
SIN 541-4F—Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services: Conceptual designs and layouts for publications, copywriting, and technical writing services, custom or stock artwork