A photo of Grafik's Digital Strategy team at a morning standup meeting in front of their scrum board.

Startups and New Ventures

Introduce your consumers—and investors—to a smart, scalable brand

Like all startups, you travel to the beat of your own drum—a rhythm that varies between fast and hypersonic. In your rush to turn today’s big idea into a viable business, it’s easy, but ill-advised, to back-burner brand development. Clearly articulating your promise and mission is essential from day one.

For us, moving fast can’t translate to skipping steps. Our process starts with a deep dive into your firm, your competitors and your industry, including conducting thorough stakeholder interviews. It is from this research that we develop a brand strategy that will inform both your brand identity and your ongoing engagement.

The result is a cohesive and scalable brand that attracts the kind of employees you want and gets your target audiences talking about you to their friends. More than a look, more than a tagline, it’s why you exist, and why the people you serve are glad you’re in business.

A Grafik designer conducting image research for a visual identity.

Immersive Research

  • Internal stakeholder interviews
  • External stakeholder interviews
  • Communications audit (all messaging)
  • Site Audit
  • Competitive Review
  • Competitive digital review (including social media)
A sound strategy requires a methodical process and attention to detail.

Sound Strategy

  • Naming
  • Mission, Vision and Value Statements
  • Target Audiences and Persona Development
  • Positioning
  • Messaging Platform
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Mantra development
A Grafik designer working on a logo sketch for a visual identity.

Impactful Creative

  • Visual Identity
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Display Ads
  • Outdoor
  • Experiential
  • Tradeshow
Firms We’ve Helped

From technology to e-commerce, to finance and beyond, we’ve built brands that create value, attract talent and get people talking.

Start refining your start up’s brand.