Designer collaborating on a website redesign.


Love at every sight

Your logo alone is no more your identity than your favorite hoodie is your whole wardrobe. Brand identities are made up of lots of things—color palettes, typefaces, photo and illustration styles, tone & voice, and more—that most people never think about. But they do feel them. Each adds to the vibe that colors the way people see you.

Visual Identity

Behind every color, font, style of photography or illustration we recommend is a rationale. Our designers and artists ensure the choices we make in presenting you to the world—in every channel—reflect the firm we’ve come to know through the creation of your brand strategy.

Message Development

We identify what’s most important to each audience, then go beyond topics to discover the voice that’s true to the relationship. We test and refine to make sure it’s right—how you speak about yourself, your industry and your customers is as much a part of your identity as your logo.


Naming is at once one of the most basic and most complicated and impactful decisions you can make. From companies to divisions to new products, we help you navigate everything from patent and trademark issues to the internal roll-outs that gain full company buy-ins.


In a world where emojis have become a legitimate form of communication overnight, it’s clear your logo is today more important than ever. What’s not so obvious is how much work and strategy goes into the design of a logo before pen ever touches paper (or stylus touches pad).


Capturing the irrefutable spirit of your firm in as few words as possible is not easy. But it does so much for a brand, informing everything you do as an organization. Marketing campaigns, employee initiatives, recruitment, brand storytelling—all are guided by your mantra.

Brand expression is everywhere

Today’s brand identities must thrive in an omni-channel world. To make sure you get noticed and admired, Grafik designers and strategists work with you for maximum impact, consistency, and flexibility. In every channel, customers should recognize you as the brand they know and love, even as you evolve, to strengthen loyalty and attract more customers. See how we’ve done it in the channels below.

Website design shown on Macbook Air for Ligado Networks.

On the screen

We design and develop websites from IA through wireframes and content development, UX testing and design, front- and back-end development, ongoing refinement and maintenance—and we make sure it’s on brand and engaging.

Mobile responsive website design for NRTC.

In your hand

You know how much business gets done on smartphones today; so do we. The efficacy of our responsive designs is a primary consideration throughout site creations.

Interior branding design for RainKing, a client in the tech sales market.

On the wall

Your workspace is a major part of your brand. We’re here to help you make the brand come alive for everyone in the company, and gladly work with your interior designers and architects.

Trade show booth design for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In the hall

Tradeshows, conferences and sponsored events loom large in B2B marketing. We carry your brand into the convention hall with smart designs and engaging displays, working closer with your booth vendors.


Metro, subway, BART—whatever they call it in your city, mass transit provides a unique opportunity to connect knowing you’ll have longer viewing times and a geographic tie-in.

Out of home advertising for the Parker

On the fence

Coming soon is not enough. We help clients make the most of frontage and traffic patterns with large scale installations that make the right impression.

Waldron logo on a fleece

On your body

Have you ever seen 500+ people gathered together and proudly wearing something you’ve designed? It’ll give you goosebumps.

Skateboard design for the Erase Hate campaign.

On the sidewalk

We admit it. This skateboard was never really meant to be ridden (though you could). But it did roll up a tidy sum at auction for the Matthew Shepard Foundation at the annual Erase Hate event.

Capturing lightning in a bottle

Yes, it’s informed by strategy. Yes, there’s a rationale behind its creation. Yes, we have a proven process. But there’s still something ineffable about designing a logo, an art form we’ve practiced at an astonishingly high level from day one of our existence. Take a look.

Let us make you look even better