Unwavering Commitment

IAP is a powerful defense contractor that is trusted to address multiple and wide-ranging requirements for private and military customers around the world. But after numerous mergers and acquisitions, its focus had become unclear. IAP leadership turned to Grafik to manage a comprehensive rebranding effort. For the new CEO and his team, it was essential to bring every division of IAP together under one singular mission and vision.

In the course of our interviews, we learned how IAP teams regularly demonstrated an uncanny ability to tackle challenging problems and make customers’ missions their own. We also discovered a lot of confusion about the name—few people who knew what IAP stands for. Our solution was to underscore the strength of the organization, and its unique value to customers. We redefined IAP as Ingenuity and Purpose.


From the board room to the battlefield, individuals at IAP see how they’re connected to the brand—they live it every day. Externally, response to the new mantra has also been strong. Customers who have turned to IAP to own a project from start to finish understand what sets it apart. Prospects who are considering the organization for the first time have a clear sense of why IAP will be the best partner.


Inspired by today’s modern digital camouflage, IAP’s brand pattern is anything but understated. Bold and impactful, Grafik designers developed the brand identity with the intention of creating opportunities to “brand” imagery and create consistencies across myriad materials. While many of its competitors are still drifting along in a sea of sameness, IAP has cut loose from the pack and adopted a visual approach that’s authentic to the brand and unique to the industry.

Digital Strategy

With bold imagery and an intuitive user experience that’s responsive on all devices, IAP’s new website sets a dynamic tone for who they are as global problem-solvers. Grafik’s Digital Strategy team harnessed the power of IAP’s new brand by streamlining previously unwieldy service offerings to improve navigation, incorporating interactive elements, and introducing more compelling cross-sell opportunities for visitors.

“Grafik is actually much more than a branding and advertising firm. They are branding consultants, who apply strategy for success.”