Defining a brand from the ground up

Highly esteemed by fellow developers, local civic leaders, and more than 4,000 homeowners, EYA has always been a successful company. But when its leadership came to Grafik, our strategists suggested a major shift in the way EYA was doing business. Rather than marketing each property individually, we believed the key to success in the long term was a powerful overarching brand.

Our research led us to recommend a new brand architecture that would allow every neighborhood to retain its individuality while delivering on a consistent brand promise. EYA would offer homebuyers more than just a new home—it would offer a one-of-a-kind lifestyle.


Today, when EYA reviews a proposed property site, one question is always asked: Does this site embody the mantra? If it doesn’t offer “Life Within Walking Distance,” then there’s no deal. It’s that simple. Our rebrand has helped EYA become more focused, more thoughtful, and more successful.


The EYA logo was designed to reflect the mantra—a centrally located home just steps from local shops and restaurants, major routes, and Metro. To some degree, however, it also represents a core brand surrounded by individual products that reflect its value and purpose.



Designed to underscore the brand mantra, and highlight the newest neighborhoods, the new corporate site serves up the most relevant locations through geo-targeting using mobile GPS or IP data.


Grafik has played a critical role in developing identities for EYA neighborhoods since we began working with them nearly a dozen years ago.